Top 5 Travel Attractions, Calgary (Canada) – Travel Guide

Take a tour of Calgary in Canada — part of the World’s Greatest Attractions series by GeoBeats.

Hi! This is your host, Naomi. I would like to show you the top five attractions of Calgary

Number five: skyline. Boasting a modern skyline with diverse arcitecture, Calgary is a great urban city with opportunities for dining, shopping and entertainment.

Number four: Calgay Zoo. Including a botanical garden, the zoo has been here for 75 years. Interacting with wildlife here makes for an excellent family outing.

Number three: City Hall. Considered to be a national historic site, this magnificent sandstone structure was constructed in 1911, in place of an earlier wooden structure.

Number two: Banff National Park. Located outside of Calgary, this great national park of Canada is spread over a massive area, and offers spectacular mountain scenery.

And number one: Calgary Tower. Constructed in 1968, the iconic tower is one of the tallest structures in Canada. At the top, you are treated to an excellent view of Calgary.

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15 Replies to “Top 5 Travel Attractions, Calgary (Canada) – Travel Guide

  1. thats all true…..
    I lived Calgary and I like it.
    BUT………… it’s suck to be spend time at Calgary

  2. The idiots that make the videos for this site are not to be trusted with travel advise because if this is their top five attractions in Calgary don’t listen to anything they say. They missed the Calgary Stampede, aka the greatest outdoor show on earth. That’s like listing the top 5 attractions in New Orleans and not mentioning Mardi gras , or Rio Janeiro and not talking about Carnival. The “Calgary tower one of the tallest structures in Canada”? Not even one of the tallest structures in Calgary. Oh ya they mentioned Sky line as an attractions, it blocks out the sight of one of the “tallest structures in Canada”. The Zoo and Banff are legit all though Banff is not in Calgary, but it is within an hours drive and is one of the top tourist attractions in Canada. City Hall? Yeah a building that’s old. They also left out COP (Canada Olympic Park}, Heritage Park and many others. Bottom line don’t take travel advise from someone reading words in front of a green screen that were written by someone who has never been anywhere other than behind a computer screen.  

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